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PostSubject: Abyssking's MOD APPLICATION.   Sun May 06, 2012 1:59 am

• Forum Name : Abyssking

• First Name : Jonathon

• Age :21

• Gender :male

• Ingame Name :Abyssking

• Contact : If picked ill give cell number (txt only)

• Language(s) :English

• Timezone : mountain time

• What is the FASTEST way we would be able to contact you for an emergency on the server/forums? : phone or email

• would you mostly monitor the forums, or the server its self? :server

• What do you think YOU have opposed to others applying? :been Mod on some other games and played many runescape servers

• What can you bring to Surge_Scape: i like to help other and will personally volunteer to help new players with questions

• Are you willing to take orders and not get upset?:Yes, i believe its important to know your place to keep order among players.

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